Übungen zu den Inspirationen 

Tues, Sep 28 - Arrive Cusco; Transfer to Sacred Valley; Introductory Meeting (D)

Our journey begins in Cusco where we will be met at the airport and transferred directly to the Sacred Valley. By coming down in altitude and starting our journey in the Sacred Valley, we will feel refreshed, energized and ready for the days ahead. Once settled into our beautiful hotel, we will gather for an Introductory Meeting to go over all the exciting activities we have planned for our journey. We will also enjoy a short Welcome Ceremony involving a clearing of the personal energy field and reconnecting with the Andean spirits. In the evening we will gather together for our Welcome Dinner of traditional Peruvian cuisine and enjoy meeting our fellow travellers and getting to know our tour leader, Puma. (Overnight in the Sacred Valley at the Hotel Tierra Viva or similar)

Wed, Sept. 29 - Sacred Valley; Ceremony; Energy Work (B, L)

Today, feeling refreshed after a relaxing night at our hotel, we continue our energy work with ceremonies and healing rituals. Puma will discuss Andean Cosmovision and traditional Andean Healing Arts, and will guide us through rituals of welcoming and reconnecting with the ancestral spirits of the Andes. We will also work with two very special, invited healers today – Don Sebastian and Mama Irene – who will share their gifts & healing practices that will have a lasting impact on our everyday lives back home. Don Sebastian is a Q’ero Master with pure energy and wisdom from the lineage of the Q’ero People; Mama Irene is an older medicine woman and a very powerful healer who comes from a different lineage of healers in the Peruvian Andes, closer to the rainbow lineage. Together these two healers will have a profound and lasting impact on our understanding of energy work and Andean medicine. We also have our first optional opportunity to work with San Pedro (Wachuma) today. San Pedro is a powerful and sacred – yet gentle – “teacher and healer” plant traditionally used to heal the heart in times of extreme pain and emotional hurt. It is important to work with this medicine as part of a sacred ceremony and with the protection of the ancestral spirits. With Puma’s guidance we can reconnect with the ancestral energy that is ready to help us heal and transform our lives for the better. This full day of energy work will allow us to feel fully immersed in ancestral traditions and deepen our connection to our inner self as well as the land we are visiting. We will also learn about the concepts of Nogan Kani and Ayni, the latter a fundamental aspect of Andean Cosmovision that allows us to better understand the unique reciprocal relationship the Andean peoples have with the earth. By understanding that love is always a reciprocal relationship (love for people, nature, the planet) we can reassess our relationships and how we treat ourselves and the world around us.
(Overnight in the Sacred Valley at the Hotel Tierra Viva or similar)

Thurs, Sept 30 - Chinchero (B, L)

Today we visit Puma’s home village of Chinchero, a small village located high up in the windswept plains, offering spectacular views over the Sacred Valley and the snow capped peaks of the Andes. Renowned for its beautiful traditional weavings, this town is the perfect place to pick up souvenirs and gifts. Here we immerse ourselves in the local community, meeting village elders and the friendly local inhabitants. We will have the pleasure of meeting Puma’s family to learn more of their traditional ways and practices and perhaps hear a few stories and tales. We will learn more about Puma’s mother’s foundation, the Ayni Ayllu Weaving Cooperative and pick up a few treasures for ourselves and loved ones back home. We will also have the honour of participating in a special Despacho Ceremony with Puma and a local Chinchero Master to make offerings and express our gratitude, love, and respect for Pachamama and the Apus. In the afternoon after lunch we will journey on to Ollantaytambo train station, and enjoy a scenic train ride along the Urubamaba River to the charming village of Aguas Calientes, or Machu Picchu Pueblo as it is now called. After checking in to our hotel, enjoy the evening at your leisure to prepare for your visit to sacred Machu Picchu tomorrow.
(Overnight in Machu Picchu at Inti Punku Hotel or similar)

Fri, Oct 1 - Machu Picchu, Wayna Picchu (B, L)

After an early breakfast we make our way by bus to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu for our spiritual awakening. This Cristal Condor sacred site is an inspiring and beautiful place, an architectural wonder, and a great testament to Incan Civilization. Once used primarily as an astronomical Observatory and place of pilgrimage, Machu Picchu now attracts thousands of visitors each year to connect with the sacred energies and ancient wisdom. Because it sits within three corresponding high peaks of power, which create an energy triangle, it is a perfect spot to sit and meditate, focus your intent, and expand your awareness. During our time here we will visit the Temple of the Sun, the Temple of the Condor, the Temple of the Three Windows, and the spiritual centre of the Intihuatana, or the Hitching Post of the Sun. Puma will guide us into a heart-opening ceremony to connect with Pachamama and the universal energies that encompass us – a life changing experience! Since we are spending a 2nd night in Machu Picchu Pueblo, we can relax and spend the full day at this amazing site.
(Overnight in Machu Picchu at Inti Punku Hotel or similar)

Wed, Oct 6 - Uros Islands, Amantaní Homestay (B, L, D)

Arise early this morning to revel in the morning sun before embarking on a private boat trip on the tranquil waters of Lake Titicaca to the Uros Islands. These islands of Tortora reeds are home to the Uros people who, according to legend, existed before the sun when the earth was cold and dark. Once used as a mobile defense system, the islands now attract visitors from all over and offer an opportunity to learn about ancient practices and traditions and a chance to admire the simple way of life of the people. Although the Uros claim to have “black blood” which makes them impervious to the cold, they are a warm and inviting people. Next, we visit Amantaní, a circular island about 9 square km in size, known as the “Island of the Kantuta”, after the national flower which grows plentifully here. The island is home to two mountain peaks, Pachatata (Father Earth) and Pachamama (Mother Earth), and contains ancient Inca and Tiwanaku ruins on top of both. Agriculture is a main way of life here evidenced by the terraced hillsides which are planted with wheat, quinoa, potatoes, and other vegetables. We will enjoy a most unique experience as we overnight here on the island with a local “homestay”. While the comforts will be basic (sleeping bags will be provided), it is a great honour to be welcomed into the community and homes of the local people who welcome us with open arms and hearts. It will also be a wonderful opportunity to gain a greater understanding, appreciation, and respect for their way of life and traditions. This evening our work at this site with San Pedro (Wachuma) (optional) will be the perfect culmination to our journey, supporting us as we move forwards on our path to true health and happiness.
(Overnight in Amantaní Homestay)

Tues, Oct 5 - Tinajani Canyon; Lake Titicaca (B, L)

This morning we journey to “Tinajani Canyon”, 12 km from the Ayaviri district. We will visit these immpresive natural landscapes of reddish sandstone sediments and volcanic dacite which are millions of years old. Scientific studies have revealed that, in ancient times, this place was the depths of an immense lake and that its rock formations are the product of water and wind work. However, as occurs in all places of Peru, the Tinajani Canyon has several legends about its origin, that give a more magical touch to the place. We then continue on to Lake Titicaca where we will settle into our hotel for the evening. Here, we can awe at the splendour of this sacred lake, which sits over 3800 metres above sea level, making it the highest navigable lake in the world. Notable for its people who live on the Uros, a group of artificial islands made of floating reeds, this remarkable place is not to be missed. Resting in the heart of the nurturing Andean feminine energy, we will be welcomed by the loving embrace of powerful Mama Cocha. Enjoy the evening at your leisure.
(Overnight in Puno at the Sonesta Hotel Posadas del Inca or similar)

Mon, Oct 4 - Cusco City Tour and Incan Sacred Sites (B, L)

After breakfast, we begin with a visit to Sacsayhuamán, where we will marvel at this architectural wonder and learn the mystery and legends of how this stone-walled complex was constructed. Next, Puma will take us through a rebirth process in a nearby cave of the Cosmic Mother, also known as the Womb of Mother Earth. We then continue on to Tambomachay, a favourite resting place of the Incas, commonly referred to as the “Baños del Inca” or “Baños de la Ñusta” (Baths of the Incas or Baths of the Princess). This site, once used for ritual bathing, is believed to be a temple dedicated to the worship of water. At the Temple of the Condor we will participate in a private Andean Initiation Ceremony to connect with the ancestral lineages. Connect with the sacred trilogy of the Incas – the Puma, Serpent, and Condor and learn about what the Incan elders believed of parallel dimensions. After visiting other sacred temples around the mountain, we return to the city of Cusco for a city tour and to immerse ourselves in the smiles and laughter of the local people. Later we visit Coricancha, one of the most revered temples, dedicated to the Sun God, whose walls and floors were once covered in sheets of solid gold. Wander the courtyard which was once filled with golden statues.
(Overnight in Cusco at the Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar)

Sun, Oct 3 - Chonta, Condor Viewpoint (B, L)

We make an early morning departure from Cusco travelling to the small community of Chonta (travel time is apx. 3 hours on paved and dirt roads). En route we will see the impressive snow peaked mountains and majestic valleys surrounding Apu Salkantay. On arrival in Chonta we will enjoy lunch together before our walk to the Condor viewpoint in the Apurimac Canyon (the walk will take apx. 90 minutes). From this vantage point we will have the opportunity to watch the Gods of the Andes in their native, wilderness environment, witnessing the majestic flight of these huge Condors (Sacred Bird of the Incas) as well as many other birds including eagles and hawks. We will hopefully also spot the whitetail deer, Andean fox, and the rabbit-like Chinchilla, the Viscachas. Puma will lead us in a gratitude ceremony in this magnificent location before returning to Chonta village. After our magical connection at Chonta, we will drive back to Cusco for a free evening.
(Overnight in Cusco at Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar)

Sat, Oct 2 - Ollantaytambo; Moray (B, L)

After breakfast we will board our morning train to Ollantaytambo in the beautiful Sacred Valley of the Incas. On arrival, we will visit Ollantaytambo, known as The Sanctuary of the Wind, an ancient observatory and ceremonial centre set amongst impressive hillside terraces. Visit the Temple of the Sun and also the Royal Baths and Fountains for a shamanic energy experience where we will connect with the elements of earth, water, air, and fire. We then make our way along the murmuring river to the Temple of the Condor for a few moments of reflection and silent meditation. After lunch in Urubamba, our bus will take us for a visit to the captivating Incan site of Moray, six hundred meters above Urubamba. This ancient site contains unusual Inca ruins, large circular terraces, and a sunken Amphitheatre. The circular terraces were used for agriculture and were created as a type of open greenhouse consisting of tropical microclimates. As Moray was also considered the womb of Mother Earth, it was thought to be the best place to initiate healers. Here, we will experience another connection with the sacred feminine energy for healing our physical bodies and our emotional temples. Continue to Cusco in the late afternoon.
(Overnight in Cusco at Hotel San Agustin Plaza or similar)

Thurs, Oct 7 - Amantani Final Ceremony; Farewell Dinner (B, L, D)

This morning we make our final pilgrimage up to the Temple of Pachatata and Pachamama, where we will connect with the sacred balance of feminine and masculine energies. We will prepare a sacred, healing offering to help balance the masculine and feminine polarities within ourselves in order to achieve harmony. For us, it is a time to draw healing energy, insights and wisdom from the ancestors, and to take stock of the entire journey and what it has meant for us. After saying goodbye to the beautiful island of Amantani, we return to our hotel and enjoy a Farewell Dinner together. This is a time to enjoy each other’s company and reflect on the days we have spent together and our own sacred journey.
(Overnight in Puno at the Sonesta Hotel Posadas del Inca or similar)

Fri, Oct 8 - Aramu Muru Doorway; Depart Juliaca for Return Home (B, L)

This morning we journey to Aramu Muru’s Doorway in the Valley of the Spirits. We will tread carefully upon large rock formations in the shapes of a serpent and puma to connect with the energies of the Lower and Middle Worlds. As we trek to the Doorway we pass by the mysterious Valley of the Spirits and a mystical arrangement of natural rock formations. At Aramu Muru’s Doorway, known to be a portal into other dimensions, we will be led into ceremony to honor our own personal growth and transformation and our own rebirth and crossing into our new life. Late afternoon transfer to Juliaca for your return flight home. Depart with renewed energy, clarity, and a profound sense of well-being, as you say farewell to this land that has offered you the power of true healing. You will be taking home enduring memories and new friendships that will last a lifetime. (B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner)
Note: This itinerary is subject to change due to conditions beyond our control.